Please review the following list of Skills & Services and get in touch with me for more details. I look forward to learning about how we can work together in the very near future.


Looking for a Partner in Your Next Creative Project? I Do Enjoy a Good Collaboration from Time to Time.

Experienced point person, scheduler, troubleshooter, group facilitator, and problem-solver I like to work with collaborative software such as  BaseCamp, Google Calendars, Google ...
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Planning an Event or Conference? Give me a call.

Support for Events, Conferences, and Development Programs I have been involved in conference and seminar management from firth brainstorming session to ...
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How Can I Help You with Marketing, Social Media, and Web Design?

Marketing Materials I can provide you with finished copy as well as related marketing materials including graphic design for brochures and other ...
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Seeking Non-Traditional Learning Support? Talk to me about distance learning and online training.

Online Training / Distance Learning / Webinars I have expertise with Udemy, Moodle, ReadyTalk, SlideShare, AdobeConnect, Eluminate, and AuthorStream, and I ...
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Need help finding the right words? I know communications, writing, and editing.

Communications I have excellent writing and editing abilities with a great deal of experience in crafting feature articles, blog posts, ...
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