Slicing Heaven

Here's the synopsis. (You can find out more at or you can listen to the podcast.): At the end of the first decade of the current century, most Americans were filled with questions about Barack Obama's fledgling administration, the economy, and foreign policy. At the Slice of Heaven 24-Hour Pie Shop and ...
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“It’s My Boat” Radio Announces Winter Episodes

Seasoned crew teams up to provide new boaters with online tips and entertainment ALAMEDA, Calif., Jan. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- On January 13, "It's My Boat" Radio will offer its first podcast of the new year, featuring some key pointers from Soundings Trade Only columnist Norm Schultz. "Boat-show season is here," says co-host Ann Avary, "and we want to ...
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Will Work for Pie

Excerpt from Slicing Heaven (Published 2014) I’m sorry to say that I have not been able to keep up with Pie Shop chores as well as I expected with The Morning Guy gone on his vacation, although vacation might not be the right word for it. Let’s just say “during his ...
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Regrets, I’ve Had a Few

As mentioned before, I take part in Postcard Poetry month each year, usually self-selecting a theme. For 2013, I chose "Regrets, I've Had a Few." And I gave myself a couple more restrictions by following a style called "The American Sentence," meaning each line could have only 17 syllables. (Each postcard ...
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36. housewives

Women, Work, and Hover Cars

Presented in July 2013 at Oakland Nights Live! as part of the Annual Oakland Rants: Oakland's Answer to The Ted Talks. I wrote the script — one hundred PowerPoint slides in five minutes and made the presentation — and my son Channing Kennedy later edited the video for me. Watch on YouTube ...
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The Alcohol Apology Poems

My theme for  2012 Postcard Poetry Month was Alcohol Apologies. Each poem was short enough to fit on a postcard, slightly manipulated by me. You can read the results on my tumblr ...
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Defining Art (1973-1976)

Presented in July 2012 at Oakland Nights Live! as part of the FIRST Annual Oakland Rants: Oakland's Answer to The Ted Talks. I wrote the script — one hundred PowerPoint slides in five minutes  —  and delivered my presentation live. The video you see here was recorded later in my apartment by ...
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What I Have Learned from Occupy

Published in the ProBoat E-Train Blog March 15, 2012 Disclaimer: Professional BoatBuilder is in no way connected to the Occupy movement. This post is based on my personal experience, which has primarily been as a volunteer "Legal Observer" for the National Lawyers Guild, not as a protester. ~Barbara Jean Walsh, ProBoat E-Training manager. What ...
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How I Spent My Indian Vacation

Here's a piece that I wrote for my weekly writer's circle, keeping it within the group's five-page limit.  Sort of hints and more stories to tell . . . . not sure if I will do more with it, but now I feel like I've captured **some** of the experience, just not as ...
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Postcards from Egypt

In February 2010, I traveled to Egypt, and for that year's annual Postcard Poetry Fest, all 31 of my poems were about my experiences there. Later, I had them bound into a small book, which is  available through Amazon ...
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