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  • Letter to Younger Self to Younger Self to Younger Self

    Dear 60-Year-Old Self,

    You know that two-bedroom apartment you have in Florida, four blocks from the beach, for $750 a month? Take pictures: It’s a steal, and no one is ever going to believe you ever had it.

    You should probably really ramp up your exercise program now. I mean the feeble effort you make at doing […]

  • Solo House Performance

    I presented my one-act play The Lost Child at StageWerx in San Francisco as a solo performance on April 28, 2014.

    To see the video, go here.

    To read the script, go here.

    About Solo House:

    Writing and Performing the One-Person Show
    Eight-Week Workshop

    Solo House is an interactive workshop space where over the course of eight weeks you will write, develop, […]

  • San Francisco Bay Ferry Artist-In-Residence for a Day UPDATE

    The ride is on: April 7, San Francisco Bay Ferry, writing postcard poetry. Join me! (Artist-in-residence for a day.) You can follow me on twitter @mabwiddershins for details, or send me an email.

    Here’s where I’ll be:

    9:25 Alameda Depart
    10:00 Pier 41 Arrive
    10:15 Pier 41 Depart
    10:50 Alameda Arrive
    10:50 Alameda Depart
    11:45 Pier 41 Arrive

    noon to 12:30 – somewhere […]

  • San Francisco Bay Day Postcard Images

    Here are some of my favorite photos of scenes of San Francisco Bay, photos I’ve taken since moving here in 2009. I’ll pick 10 of these for my “postcard poems” that I’ll be writing while I’m the SF Bay Ferry artist-in-residence-for-a-day April 7. Send me your comments via twitter (@madwiddershins, #sfbayday)

  • The Last Real Beer Drinker in America

    Here’s  my entry in the Chronicle Books second-annual Great Tumblr Book Search. 
    The Last Real Beer Drinker in America
    Are real beer drinkers going the way of trees on Easter Island? Will we even know when the last REAL beer drinker is gone?

    While there are still a few remaining, let us give them a nod, and listen to […]

  • “Just Start Your Own Business”

    Posted in Medium.com March 9, 2014
    Is this really the best available advice for unemployed women over age sixty?

    Mab Widdershins

    How Hard Can It Be?
    When I left my job last fall, I felt secure in my years of experience as a writer, editor, and conference manager. Surely it wouldn’t take me too long to find some new […]