A few words from my colleagues . . . .

Donald Blount, President at Donald L. Blount and Associates, Inc.: I have come to know Barbara Jean Walsh as we have collaborated over a number of years as she has supported my efforts writing technical papers, articles and most recently a book. Barbara Jean’s experience as an editor and writer easily translated my technical jargon into logical narrative readily understood by readers. I heartily recommend her services and collaboration for creative tasks involving writing, editing and communication with humankind. In addition to her creative grasp of the English language, Barbara Jean also led me through the process of becoming a publisher of a print-on-demand book which is now being sold worldwide. I hold her in high regard and recommend that others needing imaginative writing and editorial support would be well served by retaining the assistance of Barbara Jean Walsh.

Carl Cramer, Boatbuilding Live!, North American Small Boat Shows, Special Projects:
I had the good fortune of working with Barbara Jean when we launched and perfected ProBoat E-Training — the first series of technical online courses in the marine industry. Barbara Jean is both visionary and professional, and a joy to work with.

David Veech, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University: I’ve never known anyone who could handle a thousand different and diverse inquiries as calmly and coolly as Barbara Jean does every year at IBEX. She seems to be at her very best in the middle of a chaotic environment, bringing order and dignity as she goes. She is a pleasure to work with!

Jemiah Jefferson, Editor, Dark Horse Comics, Portland, Oregon: Barbara Jean is a skilled, experienced, upbeat worker with a creative approach and a commitment to excellence.

Rick Ostler, President-CEO- Design, Manufacture and Distributor of Pontoon Boat Enclosures & Pontoon Boat Covers, North American Waterway: I had the pleasure of being a guest on Barbara Jean’s ProBoat Radio Show. She did a terrific job of it and her professionalism and knowledge of the boating industry made for a really enjoyable time. I would highly recommend Barbara Jean and follow her ProBoat Radio Show.

Dave Marlow, Director, Product Integrity/Government Affairs, Brunswick Corporation: Barbara Jean is the consummate facilitator. Always organized and prepared, she has made the presentations at IBEX a vital part of the business conducted at that event. Clearly professional in her demeanor, Barbara Jean has given each of us that work with her the ability to perform at our top levels.

Steven Kitchin, Vice President, Corporate Education and Training, New England Institute of Technology: As a member of the Marine Industry Training and Education Council, Barbara Jean was a valued member contributing her skills as a conference organizer, workshop developer and presenter as well as a visionary regarding workforce development issues. She is results oriented and was always a team player.

Peter Eikenberry, Webmaster, Newboatbuilders.com: I have known Barbara Jean since the beginning of IBEX. She was the point of contact for many many people for this show. Much of it’s success is due to her devotion to Professional Boatbuilder and the boating industry. She personally recruited speakers and presenters on a variety of subjects pertinent to the boating industry and facilitated their presentations. The same is true of ProBoat E-Training and ProBoatRadio. She is a talented professional who devotes herself and her talents completely to whatever task she takes on. She would be a valuable asset to any organization.

Ann Avary, Directory, Center of Excellence for Marine Manufacturing & Technology:
Barbara Jean is an accomplished professional developing and delivering training for multiple audiences utilizing traditional and non-traditional teaching platforms. She has expertise in using online and e-learning platforms, and utilizes innovative technologies to create and deliver content for industry and trainers – ProBoat Radio and ProBoat E-Training are but two examples. She manages large, medium and small scale training events and projects with equal ease – always meeting or exceeding goals and training objectives.

Phil Gaynor, Business Manager and Dir. Vehicle Networks and HMI, MotoTron: I have had the opportunity to work with Barbara Jean for the last several years while presenting seminars for the IBEX trade show. Barbara Jean has made working for IBEX a pleasure, and something I look forward to each year. She is very organized and treats all with the utmost respect. It has been a pleasure working with her, because she takes care of all the details so well. Barbara Jean is also an individual who embraces new technology and new ideas extremely quickly. She then uses these new tools eagerly to improve her work and the relationships she creates through her work as the organizer of very important education series for the marine industry.

Rick Pruitt, Product Training Manager, Volvo Penta of the Americas:
Barbara Jean, Over the years we have known each other you have shown how very passionate you are about education and sharing knowledge. Plus you seek new ways that technology can support this passion with your blog and encoragement to others to share as you do, both at IBEX or with e-learning development for Pro-Boat. I’m sure your passion and talents will be easily recognized by the right company and find a good fit for your mutual benefit. All the best!

Andre Cocquyt, President, GRPguru.com: Barbara Jean has built out the IBEX seminar program to a unique venue. Her exceptional ability to organize such a complex event and her efficiency and ‘calm under fire’ attitude are remarkable. She can deal with all the minute details and still have time to greet speakers, introduce newcomers and make the speakers lounge the place to be and network amongst peers. Underneath her laid-back persona she hides one of the sharpest brains and wicked sense of humor that I have the pleasure of knowing. I can recommend BJ for any position, other than politician…for which she is too honest and outspoken.

Jay Jeffries, Systems Engineer, Computer Sciences Corporation: I have followed Barbara Jean’s ProBoat Radio weekly broadcasts since the program’s inception over 200 shows ago. The material presented is of such high quality that I rarely miss a show. She regularly finds new talent to bring their perspectives on various aspects of the boating industry to the program.