Setting up the Book Fair!

Springfield Book Crafters Fair Exhibitors

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Louise Agasee

281 Oxford street

Hartford, CT  6105

e: louisemichot@gmail.com t:  c: 860 523 8299


bio: I am an English Day recently retired from teaching and have always been very creative. I love making jewellery and have been able to follow my passion since I retired. Every piece is original and made with glass beads and fresh water pearls.

exhibiting: Hand made glass and pearl jewellery

Connie Boje  

88 Bragg Street

Canaan, CT  06018

e: connieboje@gmail.com t:  c: 8606717069

website: http://etsy.com/shop/connieboje and http://smashwords.com/profile/view/ConnieBoje

bio: I am a late bloomer. I started to write poetry in my own style fairly recently. Zines are a nice format for what was originally a series of e-books.

exhibiting: I write a series of poetry zines. Topics include technology, married life, science fiction, and current events, and more.

Tiffany Bradshaw

50 William St

East Hartford, CT  06108

e: tiffany.tyrell@yahoo.com t:  c:

website: https://www.facebook.com/InMyMommysShoes/

bio: I live in CT with my husband and our five children. I’ve studied at both UCONN and Post University and obtained a Master’s in Education. Currently I work as a early childhood educator/caregiver while also perusing my love of art through writing and illustrating.

exhibiting: Children’s book titled ” In My Mommy’s Shoes ”

Hillary Charnas

40 Bloomfield ave

Windsor, CT  06095

e: hillarycharnas@gmail.com c: 2034159921

bio: In my studio, I have always had a box or drawer filled with various artwork that was important enough to keep but, impossible to name or categorize.  Different pieces of all shapes, and sizes that did not feel comfortable in the Music  folder or the Photographs hard-drive.

These unusual pieces have been in an increasingly growing box labeled STUFF – DO NOT THROW OUT!! Over the years, I have given this artwork out as holiday and birthday presents, maybe as personal jokes.  It was not until I read about This Book Crafters Fair and its search for Zine writers,  did I actually learn what a Zine was…and that I had a huge box of them.

exhibiting: under the unpublished brand Wild Sanity – A one-of-a-kind presentation of Child Archivalitions, Unuseful Limitations, Unfinished Postcards From Perry, Waveform Alphabet Sheets, Morse Code Postcards, B Horror Movie Blank Books, The Weirdest Coloring Contest Collection, Things That I Don’t Understand, Famous Art Without the Famous Part, Where’s Waldo for The Kids Today Who Have Extremely Short Attention Spans. Warning Posters, First and Last Sentence of every Shakespeare book. Banned Comic Book Art That My Friend Bought in Auction, My Pencil Collection That I started in the 1st Grade, Cardboard Cutouts of Things in My Mom’s Livingroom – inspired by the things that I broke over the years accidentally, Shrinky-dink Kits, My Ass Lamps, Moon Fortunes, Bags of Mystery, Pictures of Knotts Berry Farms Ghost Cars, Impossible Puzzles and as many more interesting books that can fit neatly on my table.

Danielle Johnson

Department of children and families

112 Industry Avenue

Springfield, MA  Springfield

e: Luz.estrada@state.ma.us t: 413-205-0568 c: 413-205-0568


bio: We are in nonprofit agency that recruits foster parent for the commonwealth of mass.

exhibiting: Recruitment material and provide free box

Shawn P. Flynn

Enfield, CT  06082

e: shawnpflynn@yahoo.com t:  c: 2036237710

website: Facebook @ShawnFlynn.Author

bio: Shawn Flynn spent over twenty-five years in a market-research career before he stepped away to pursue his passion for writing. He knew he wanted to explore his deep connection with cats, particularly the first cat he ever rescued. Flynn and his girlfriend, Carrie, live in Enfield, Connecticut, where he takes care of several indoor and outdoor cats during his free time. He also volunteers with the local cat rescue group, Enfield Community Cat Project, and has been a featured speaker at National Cat Shows.

exhibiting: “THE KITTY Who Rescued Me After I Rescued Him,” (a Five Star Amazon and Goodreads favorite) is a heartwarming story that reveals how the pets we love sometimes turn around and care for us. Offering moving insights into the powerful love our four-legged companions offer us, “THE KITTY” is a must-read for anyone who has ever needed a true friend.

“Once I started to read this lovely story, I could not stop… If you’ve ever had a companion that has been by your side and made a lasting impression, this story will touch your heart.” -J.E. Rogers, Award Winning Author

“Heartwarming story of the love and healing power that rescue cats can bring into our lives and homes.” -Kathy McAfee, Author and Award-Winning Blogger

“Shawn Flynn has written a moving testament to the healing power of a feline companion (or two, or three, or…).” -Susan Buffum, Author

“A perfect cat lover best read!!” -Katzenworld, United Kingdom

Dawn Graham

PO Box 301560

Jamaica Plain, MA  02130

e: dawn@staykind.com t:  c:

website: http://staykind.com

bio: Stay Kind! publishes and distributes creative works, with a focus on zines related to racial justice, gender and sexuality, youth voice, animal rights, violence intervention and prevention, mental health, and personal and community narratives. A portion of all sales are donated to initiatives supporting positive change in our communities.

exhibiting: I will have a selection of zines, with a few stickers, buttons, and postcards.

Richard Horton

Richard Wayne Horton

61 Bryant St.

Springfield, MA  01108

e: albumsandsuch@gmail.com t: 413 209-8264 c: none


bio: 30 years as book restorer/conservator.  I began writing poetry and flash fiction in the 1970s, and have recently published in Southern Pacific Review, Meat For Tea, Quail Bell, Danse Macabre Online, Aphotic Realm and others.  I was nominated for a Pushcart Award, and have just brought out a book of sometimes dark flash fiction, Sticks & Bones.

exhibiting: self published craft books, hand bound  leather journals, hand made photo albums, a sewing model display, instruction leaflets and models for a self invented sewing, and copies of my book, Sticks & Bones.

Mullein King

The Monster Ducky Press

P O Box 1084

New Britain, CT  06050

e: themonsterducky@gmail.com t: 8609674642 c: 8609674642


bio: I run a small zine distro out of New Britain Connecticut. I have been writing zines for ten years and have put out over 25 zines. I love making zines because they can be about anything and hold any kind of art in a format that nearly everyone can afford to make or own. My website is themonsterducky.com I’m very excited to come to this event! High-Fives!

exhibiting: The Monster Ducky Press Zine Distro

Kane Lynch

249 Latham Works Ln., #B

White River Junction, VT  05001

e: kaneicaruslynch@gmail.com  t:   c:  8058016188

website: http://kanelynch.com

bio: Kane Lynch is a cartoonist from California, and a graduate of the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT. Kane’s comics and illustrations have appeared in publications including Slate, Cracked, and Psychology Today, but he is best known for his comics Delicate Lies (a memoir about family secrets), and Aerial Structures (a Bay Area conspiracy thriller). When he’s not drawing up a storm, Kane also does comics workshops and one-on-one tutoring with students of all ages.

exhibiting:  Delicate Lies, Little Vegan, cartoon worksheets for kids and adults

Olivia Montoya  

88 Bragg Street

Canaan, CT  06018

e: metaparadox11@gmail.com t:  c: 6507040997

website: http://etsy.com/shop/ParadoxNowCreations

bio: Paradox Creations is Olivia M., a 25-year-old zine creator from NW CT. She studied computer science at Stanford University, but has always been paradoxically been drawn to print and DIY. She writes the zines (meta)paradox, Anecdata, Psychometry, and more! Her zines are mostly personal zines about her life, identities, and opinions, but she also makes minicomics, fiction zines, and found object zines.

exhibiting: I will have more than 20 zines available, mostly on personal topics, but also including fiction, poetry, and informal photography. The main series I have available are (meta)paradox, a personal zine series, Anecdata, a mini personal zine series, and Psychometry, a found object/personal zine hybrid. New titles include: (meta)paradox #6, a personal zine about my mind and mental health,  Infinitism: The Zine, about a fake religion I created in high school and the attention it attracted on the internet, Uncanny #1, a zine of weird flash fiction, and more!

Emily Parrish

249 Latham Works Ln., #B

White River Junction, VT  05001

e: emilyparrish.artist@gmail.com  t:    c:  3364670477

website: emilycreatesthings.com

bio: Emily Parrish is a southern belle by way of the western wilds. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fibers and Printmaking from Appalachian State University. Her previous exhibition venues include the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, Nth Gallery, FFDG and cafés all across America. She now resides in a cartoonist colony in Vermont with her partner and cat.

exhibiting:  Pizza & Corn, The Night Time, 30s Movie Zine, Pun Zine, screen prints & etchings

Crystal Senter-Brown

23 Baltimore Ave

Chicopee, MA  01020

e: gabbygirlmedia@gmail.com t:  c: 4138839827

website:  www.crystalsenterbrown.com

bio: Crystal Senter-Brown, has been featured in Redbook Magazine, Vibe Magazine and Essence Magazine and has been a performance poet and writer for most of her life. Born in Morristown, TN to a bass-playing Baptist preacher (Dad) and a visual artist (Mom), Crystal performed her first poem onstage at the age of six.Since then, she has performed at thousands of events and has shared the stage with many performers such as M.C. Lyte, Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez, Ruby Dee, Nona Hendrix and more.Crystal is the recipient of several awards including a fellowship in poetry from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Black Leadership Alliance Community Service Award, the Bay Path College Pathfinder award, the National Points of Light Community Service Award and the Harold Grinspoon Award for her children’s book Gabby Saturday. She is the founder of the Ella Louise Backpack Project, which provides backpacks and school supplies to homeless children in the Springfield, MA area.She is the author of six books: Gabby Gives Back (2016) But Now I See, But you have such a pretty face, Doubledutch, Gabby Saturday and “The Rhythm in Blue”.  Her stage credits include The Vagina Monologues and playing Glinda the Good Witch in The Wiz. She is an adjunct professor and lives in New England with her husband Corey, son Adonte and a maniac puppy named Venus.

exhibiting: All six of my books

Maryam Sullivan

309 Park St

West Springfield 01089

e: ummjuwayriyah@gmail.com  t:  c: 4132056228

website: ummjuwayriyah.blogspot.com

bio: Author and Educator Umm Juwayriyah (Maryam A. Sullivan) was born and raised in Springfield, Mass. She penned and created her first book in the fifth grade as a student at Armory Street School and never looked back. While in high school she wrote articles for the Springfield Republican newspaper in their UNlisted section for teen reporters and co-directed a segment of “The Final Reality” radio show with veteran radio host Ishmael Ali on WTCC 90.7 fm.  Umm Juwayriyah’s  articles and stories have been featured in publications around the world including AZIZAH magazine in the U.S. and SISTERS magazine based in the U.K.  As a poet and playwright, Umm Juwayriyah has shared the stage with Def Jam poet and professor Amir Sulaiman, Tamara Gray,  Dr.Ingrid Mattson, Latifa Ali, and professor Larycia Hawkins. She is also the founder of #MuslimGirlsRead which  provides Muslim fiction books to Muslim girls and Muslim schools nation wide.  In 2006, Author and educator Umm Juwayriyah  created Urban Muslim fiction when her first novel, The Size of a Mustard Seed, was published. Since then she  has authored three more books: Hind’s Hands – A Story About Autism, The Princess and the Good Deed, and Tried & Tested. As an international educator, Umm Juwayriyah has  provided curriculum development,  workshops, and programs for educators and youth in Sudan, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. Umm Juwayriyah is  graduate of Bay Path University and Regis University.

exhibiting: Books – Urban Muslim fiction

JR Sweeney

1196 worcester st

indian orchard, MA  01151

e: jrsweeney57@gmai.com t:  c:


bio: J.R. Sweeney writes to have fun and researches his Irish and French  genealogy back to early AD.  He lives in New England  with his Father and Brother but the true”apple of his eye” are his terrific  Daughter and  Grandsonwould love to share books with my hometown

exhibiting: two action adventures paperbacks “JODICUS” and “FIVE SEASONS” for all ages

Bella Vendetta

Berkshire County, Western Massachusetts

e: BellaVendetta666@gmail.com

website: http://MyOwnBrain.livejournal.com www.TrainingofPoe.tiumblr.com

bio: Bella Vendetta is a western MA based internationally published writer, independent filmmaker, and adult sex educator. As a BDSM community leader and event organizer, Bella also gets the chance to frequently speak at Colleges and Universities about Her experiences in the adult industry and about sex workers rights.  Her zines and films focus on sex-workers rights, feminism, and showcasing of trans bodies and sexuality without fetishizing them.  Her latest film “The Training of Poe” is a trans lesbian leather lifestyle BDSM documentary that has been shown at numerous film festivals and Universities and recently won a “Feminist Porn Award” in Toronto Canada.

exhibiting: I will be selling my self-produced documentary film and a few self-produced zines as well as some  independently produced books that I have written for or are interviewed for.

Melissa Volker

38 Cedar Hill Road

East Longmeadow, MA  01028

e: melissa.volker@charter.net    t:  c:

website: www.melissavolker.com

bio: Melissa Volker’s is an award-winning novelist whose debut novel, Delilah of Sunhats Swans received a Five Star Review from Reader’s Favorites and was praised by Alice Fulton, Guggenheim Fellow Poet, who said, “Delilah…is a charmer, a being blessed with a charisma as mysterious as it is luminous. You won’t soon forget her.”  It was followed by a collection of short stories and a novella, ‘a life undone’.  ​’The Thirteenth Moon’ was her first middle-grade, fantasy adventure novel and garnered her the description of “…a combination of C.S. Lewis and J.K. Rowling”. The Sequel, A Council of Elders is tentatively scheduled for release later in 2017. Volker then delved into the YA genre with a slipstream/soft scifi novel, Anabelle Lost (also a 5 Star Favorite called, “…a first-rate coming-of-age paranormal thriller”) and a magical realism novella, HIDDEN, a story exploring the world anxiety through the eyes of a 15 year old boy.

exhibiting: I will have signed copies of several published works for every age group from juvenile, to YA, to literary fiction.

Barbara Jean Walsh

Sunshine Arts & Letters

21 Home Street

Springfield, MA  01104

e: bjeanwalsh@outlook.com t: 413-455-0033  c: 561-901-1994

website: http://bjeanwalsh.com

bio: I am a freelance writer and editor, as well as a volunteer at Make-It Springfield, and Team Manager for the Springfield Dragon Rays at Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club, where I am also a member of the Masters Rowing Team. A former librarian, I have lived and worked in eight states and traveled widely, sometimes for work and sometimes for the fun of it. I have written more than 300 “postcard poems” and was San Francisco Bay Ferry’s Poet-In-Residence – for a day.

exhibiting: Handmade blank journals and self-published books and zines.