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  • Need help finding the right words? I know communications, writing, and editing.

    I have excellent writing and editing abilities with a great deal of experience in crafting feature articles, blog posts, business correspondence, newsletters, short stories, poetry, fiction, and radio interviews.

    I was on the staff of WoodenBoat Publications from 1988 to 2013 and learned a great deal of craft there. At Lake Area News Focus in Missouri, […]

  • How Can I Help You with Marketing, Social Media, and Web Design?

    Marketing Materials
    I can provide you with finished copy as well as related marketing materials including graphic design for brochures and other print campaigns to social media and web design.

    Here are some of my recent projects:
    • Good Point Collective
    • Liza Harriman
    • Performance at Park Presidio UMC

  • Planning an Event or Conference? Give me a call.

    Support for Events, Conferences, and Development Programs
    I have been involved in conference and seminar management from firth brainstorming session to emptying out the trash and turning off the lights. And everything that goes on in between.

    I am very advanced in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. I have also worked extensively with “a2z” conference and […]

  • Here’a What I’m Working on Now: An online course for Udemy.com.

    I’m now writing an online course to help upskill older women and help them enjoy the technology all around them. Here’s the intro to the course, which I plan to offer via Udemy.com.

    Yes, you have skills!

    And what is Computer S.W.A.K.? Computer SECRETS AND WHAT the KIDS won’t tell you. (Soon to be renamed SECRETS THAT […]

  • The Good Point Collective

    In 2015, I became a founding member of The Good Point Collective, and designed the group’s website at www.goodpointcollective.com.

    Good Point Collective is an organized network of journalists, editors, and content marketers, Good Point exists to connect businesses and independent professionals with the finished, edited material that they and their companies or organizations can publish on any number of […]

  • “It’s Complicated”

    Previously posted in The Good Point Collective

    If you are an expert in your field, chances are you are often asked to explain your subject to the general public. If you’re like most people in this situation, you probably react with a shrug, say, “It’s complicated,” and then either hide your vast knowledge under layers of […]