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  • PVRC Raffle Quilt

    It has been my great honor to take part in this project. I hope raffle ticket sales will make all our work and inspiration worthwhile!

    From Dec 1-4, USRowing will hold its annual convention in Springfield. In celebration of that event, the Pioneer Valley Riverfront Club (PVRC) has now completed a commemorative tee-shirt quilt that showcases […]

  • Ellis Island Time Machine

    Ellis Island Time

    We agree to pay
    the crazy fee
    for a fake immigrant

    Sue and I,
    we know how to
    be tourists,
    even traveling
    through space and time,
    maybe this really could
    be a
    portal into history
    or at least

    Maybe I’ll find
    out if Grandma was right
    when she said
    her family did come over
    on the Cauliflower.

  • Phoebe


    I so very much like knowing

    that Phoebe Willard
    married her beau Sampson
    and took the name
    Phoebe Worcester,
    which different reports
    cite in various ways.
    My favorite
    is Phebe Wooster.

    If I were ever to write kids books
    about dogs, I’d change my name
    to Phoebe Woofster.

  • Fourth Clarinet


    In Junior High Band,
    near-sighted and gangly,
    I played fourth clarinet,
    pretty much all one note.

    I didn’t know where to put my feet
    or my gaze, didn’t know nuthin’
    except life had to get better
    because out of my sight,
    stars were shining, writing, painting,
    singing, sailing, climbing, running,
    laughing, dancing, flying,
    and calling me on on on.

  • Post Secrets


    I don’t remember my mom ever
    skating but I remember her
    complaining about having once
    had ugly dark brown skates.
    Ah, the perils of being the youngest
    child — hand-me-down skates,
    designed for hockey, not for
    flair, style, flash, or twirling
    under ice rink lights
    or a diamond-studded December sky.


    Second oldest among our batch
    of local cousins, Debbie was
    the one we did adore and
    watch to learn those
    girlie things like
    how to hold kittens (not),
    polish our nails,
    walk like a lady,
    and learn to
    keep secrets.